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Stratta Florida

On our Wild Wales ten day bus tour this October we shall be visiting the Cistercian Abbey, Stratta Florida (wall with arch). Professor David Austin a top British Archaeologist has been studying this ancient (1163A.D.) remote Abbey up in the hill country of Wales for over seventeen years. If you look closely at the small round ornaments on the side of the arch, these were not created by the Cistercian monks. During the past year through the help of Geophysics they have discovered a Celtic church going back 5000 years buried below the Abbey where the ornaments would have come from. Professor Austin states that this could become one of the most important historical sites in the whole of Europe in the next ten years.

We will also be visiting the great Cistercian Abbey at Tintern in the beautiful Wye Valley. There are two more seats left on this October 1-10 tour starting in Chester and ending in the Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

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