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March 24, 2021

We at Wild Wales Tours made the difficult decision this week to cancel our upcoming Bus Trip and Walkabouts this fall season. After consultations with our tour guide and presenters, and educating ourselves on the recent COVID situation in the United Kingdom and Europe, there are far two many unknowns. More than likely most of us in the US will have been vaccinated by the fall, but international travel could be challenging as we will be transiting through Iceland, Ireland or even England before we enter Wales. 


We are looking forward to next spring, when things should be a lot better, and we can feel relaxed and comfortable during our visit when we meet with the locals!


Our Bus Tour and Walkabouts for the spring of 2022 are posted here on our website, and in the next few weeks, we will be adding more Walkabouts for September and October 2022.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about next year’s trips. If you are interested in a family, friends, or even a book club tour, we would love to accommodate you.


Stay safe, enjoy the summer, and keep in touch. 


Kind regards,


Hywel Roberts

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Wales is the only country in the world that has a coastal path along its entire 875 mile 1408km) coastline! The Snowdonia National Park is the largest park in Wales, and boasts the highest mountain in Wales and England, Mt Snowdon. Hiking along the ancient pathways, connecting with the landscape, you will be passing through rural communities and supporting the local economy and the countryside that surrounds them.

If you are interested in a group travel in the future we can set up a Zoom meeting with you and your traveling companions, with a presentation and Q&A to show you what Wales has to offer!

We can personally custom your trip to your Welsh heritage, ancient sites, a book perhaps or Birding in Wales.

We at Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts wish you all a safe and much better 2021.

Hywel “Taff” Roberts
Director: Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts

During the day we will take in incredible sights, including Snowdonia National Park, castles, abbey ruins, Roman structures, Pryseli Hills, rugged coastlines with crashing waves and sandy beaches. Many of the woodlands will be carpeted with Bluebells in May, and August and September will bring purple heather on the mountains. By night we will dine in pubs and taverns, taking in the sounds of local choirs, traditional folk music and storytelling. With us you will not be another face in the crowd; you will have the opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Wales Coastal Path

I will be your tour director, along with certified Welsh guides along the way. Our bus company is a Welsh business, and our driver is also a Welsh speaker. If you are not careful, you might learn some Welsh along the way! The tours will be relaxed and intimate. Our small group of around 20 will make it possible to be open to the unexpected, such as an unplanned concert, a local festival, market day or a fair. We can keep some options open since not everything will be set in stone.


I hope you will join us on at least one of these memorable tours in 2020. The next pages give the basic information for the tours being offered. Since our limit is twenty people per Bus Tour and 8 per Walkabout Tour, reserve your seat early!


Please contact me at 1-507-458-8637, or use our contact form.

Very sincerely,

Hywel Taff Roberts, Director
Wild Wales Tours


Hywel “Taff” Roberts