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Welcome to Wild Wales Tours

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Our “Walkabouts.”


Our “Walkabouts” for eight guests are an opportunity to walk through spectacular scenery along parts of the the “Welsh Coastal Path” old Roman roads and ancient pathways. Wales is the only country in the world that has a coastal path along its entire 875 mile (1408km) coastline! The Snowdonia National park is the largest Park in Wales, and boasts the highest mountain in Wales and England,  Mt Snowdon. As we connect with the landscape and the amazing world of nature, we will pass through small rural communities integral to the countryside that surrounds them.

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How far do we walk each day? You should be capable of walking for at least four hours on varied terrain. We do not have a set itinerary for our Walkabouts, and we can decide between easier hikes and and more challenging options. Sometimes folks just want to walk on the level ground, and we can adapt each day-there are lots of possibilities. Every day is different and, of course, the weather is also a consideration. We head for the trailhead around 9am after a healthy breakfast, with light backpack, water bottles, cameras, and snacks.  We walk until lunch time when we stop at a pub or tavern, or have our packed lunch. On most days we can arrange to have someone return you to our Guest House after lunch, if you let us know before we leave. The rest of us continue to walk and we will meet you at supper. This is your vacation, and if you want take a day off to relax or read, you can!


As your walking guide I love to connect you with the natural world and to help you overcome any self-imposed doubts or fears. Most people are able to achieve much more than they thought they can!! As a hiking guide I focus on hydration, (plenty of fluids), the optimal pace for the group, and working as a team. Its truly amazing to watch a group of hikers working together to make sure everyone gets to the destination! It’s beautiful, and I have seen it happen so many times. We do everything we can to make your trip fun. There is magic in walking-come join us!


Children: Families with children under 18 must book a private tour.


If you want to join our Walkabout group for just a few days we can pro rate the price for you.


We do arrange hikes for families, groups and book clubs.

Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts

George Borrows was a curious, gentle wanderer who walked around Europe and Russia in the mid 1800’s. Borrows was English and learned Welsh during his wanderings in Wales. His book Wild Wales was published in 1862.


Wild Wales Tours and Walkabouts will replicate the spirit and curiosity of Borrows as we make our way along the highways and byways of Wales, meeting and greeting the Welsh. Wales has its own culture and language: Welsh. It is a miracle that the Welsh language still exists.  Today 600,000 native Welsh work, worship and play using their native language.


We at Wild Wales Tours look forward to introducing you to the culture, history and language of this very magical land, Wales. We hope you can join us on our bus tours or a walkabout.



Hywel “Taff” Roberts

Director Wild Wales Tours, LLC

Bluebells at Tal Y Llyn

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