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Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts

George Borrow was a curious, gentle wanderer who walked around Europe and Russia in the mid 1800’s. Borrow was English and learned Welsh during his wanderings in Wales. His book Wild Wales was published in 1862.


Wild Wales Tours and Walkabouts will replicate the spirit and curiosity of Borrow as we make our way along the highways and byways of Wales, meeting and greeting the Welsh. Wales has its own culture and language: Welsh. It is a miracle that the Welsh language still exists.  Today 600,000 native Welsh work, worship and play using their native language.


We at Wild Wales Tours look forward to introducing you to the culture, history and language of this very magical land, Wales. We hope you can join us on our bus tours or a walkabout.



Hywel “Taff” Roberts

Director Wild Wales Tours, LLC

Bluebells at Tal Y Llyn Pass, Gwynedd

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