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Wales Travel Information


If your passport isn’t in order, it can take up to 10 weeks to process. However, it normally takes two to three weeks. If you have had your passport for years, make sure it does not expire in 2019.


It is highly recommended you consider purchasing travel insurance. It covers almost everything involved with your trip: flights, bags, delays, healthcare, etc. And if, for any illness or family related reason, you have to cancel after the refund deadline, the insurance should cover it. One company to consider is TravelGuard.



Travel as light as possible. Bring one medium sized suitcase, and a carry-on or two.
The coach will have limited baggage space, and more small bags are easier than one large bag. We will be near the sea often and it will be breezy, so we need to dress accordingly. The normal temperatures in May range from 50F to 75F degrees. The tour is casual and there is no dress code. If necessary, we will be able to dry our clothes at our hotels. Laundry services will also be available for a fee. Do bring gloves, a hat and a swimsuit if you are up for a dip in the Irish Sea!

Suggested clothing for our Walkabout Tours:

  • A waterproof hooded raincoat and pants.

  • A good pair of waterproof hiking shoes.

  • One pair (top and bottom) thermal underwear, merino wool. Three pairs of merino wool hiking socks, medium thickness. Wool hat and waterproof gloves.

  • Low or hiking gaiters.

  • Knapsack to carry your lunch and snacks.

  • Some walkers like to use hiking sticks.

  • Head light.



In order to enjoy the walkabouts, you need to be able to walk between four and six miles a day. We suggest that you prepare for the tour by walking between ten and twelve miles per week for three months prior to the trip. We all walk at a different pace, and you will have ample opportunity to walk in pairs, in groups or alone.


Electricity runs on a different current system in Wales and England. You will need a converter for all U.S. appliances. They can be bought on-line or in airports. All hotels will have a hair dryer, an iron and ironing board.


If you have an iPhone you can call your provider and make arrangements for your phone to work in the U.K. for a small fee. You will be able to call and receive calls from home, send emails and text approx. $30 for the month. It works very well, automatically taking place when your airplane touches down. Calling cards can also be bought very easily, and it’s quite inexpensive to make calls. Most of our hotels will have Internet, as will most of the cafes we will visit for tea and coffee.

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