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Wild Wales Walkabouts in Newfoundland, Canada, July 30 to August 6

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Wild Wales Walkabout Tour, July 30 to August 6, 2019

Wild Wales Walkabout L.L.C. NEWFOUNDLAND July 30 - August 6, 2019, 8-10 people ONLY! $1975 for this tour. This tour is SOLD OUT for 2019!




Come and discover this rugged, scenic island province at the far eastern reach of North America. You will be welcomed by some of the most friendly and hospitable inhabitants. The Newfoundlanders have a unique disposition and rich culture that is unmatched anywhere else we have visited. They are hardworking, honest, and have a great sense of humor!


St. John’s is the capital, a bustling seaport city with 350,000 people. The outer communities abound with folklore and traditions. We will be spending the first two days of our trips in St. John’s, then will head to the outports and offshore Islands to visit the local people. Storytellers, musicians and local historians will present to us along the way. On our Tours and Walkabouts, we support travel that brings widespread benefits to the local economy. We support sustainable travel and avoid tourist destinations and instead take you to places to meet the people living there. You get to know some Newfoundland characters and discover how people live their lives. 

Newfoundland was settled by the Dorset culture, a Paleo-Eskimo culture that preceded the Inuit in North America. The Icelandic Viking warrior Leif Erickson came ashore here in the 11th century and named it Vinland, due to the high yield of wild grapes. Perfect for wine making, Leif! Portuguese and Spanish fisherman followed, then Giovanni Cabotto (John Cabot), an Italian merchant, arrived in 1497, after making a deal with Henry VII for two sailing ships and a hundred men. Queen Isabella of Spain had declined Giovanni’s request for funding, since she was supporting another adventurer of the time by the name of Christopher.


They were followed by the English and French who arrived to establish a fishing industry, and also came in contact with the native Beothuk. The English Navy brought West Country workers and then Irish Protestant settlers, and the French brought Catholic immigrants. 


Newfoundland has five-hundred years of intriguing history after sustained European contact. It was a British dominion from 1907 to 1949, after which it joined the confederation of Canada along with Labrador. It is the newest of the ten provinces, much to the dismay of many Newfoundlanders at the time. To assert some autonomy from the rest of Canada, they insisted on setting their clocks 30 minutes earlier than Toronto!

Tuesday, July 30 

We will meet in the foyer of our hotel downtown St Johns at 2p.m.

Later we can hike around Signal Hill and we all meet for supper at our hotel at 7p.m. Tonight we can share what we expect to get from our Walkabout together and get to know each other. Wild Wales Tours will be buying tonight's supper.


Wednesday, July 31

After breakfast at 9 a.m. we will head out to Bulls Bay to meet the whales and Puffins. Lunchtime and then head back to St Johns to visit the Geo Museum and Titanic Museum (well worth the visit). You will be free to walk around town, visit “The Rooms” the Cultural and Art Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador. Tonight you might like to join others to eat at one of the very fine restaurants on Water or Duckworth Streets, two of the oldest streets in North America. Yes, St Johns is the oldest city in North America! After supper walk down George Street and hear some traditional Irish Music.


Thursday, August 1

9 a.m. We will board our passenger van and head north to Newtown, an outport on the end of a peninsular on the north eastern corner of Newfoundland. Newtown is a fishing community, very scenic and often called the Venice of the north, they do have gondola races here in the summer! After lunch in the Karma Cafe we can head out to Cape Freels for a nice hike or kayaking. Supper at a fine local restaurant at 7p.m. Tonight Wild Wales Tours will be buying your supper.


Friday, August 2

After an early breakfast we will head west and North to Farewell where we will board the ferry to Change Islands. For the next two nights we will be staying at a local Inn, a former sea captains home where you can see the whales in the bay below from the deck! This is a very special place to stay, all home cooking with all the jams made fresh daily out of local berries, Partridge, cloud berries, blueberries and rhubarb! The bread is baked fresh daily! 

After we settle down in our cozy accommodation a healthy hike through the woods and along the north shore.


Saturday, August 3

After breakfast we will catch the ferry to Fogo Island (fire island named by the Portuguese in the 15th century). The main town Fogo is a dynamic fishing outpost. Here we will hike through woods, across fens, and along the shore and possibly see caribou. Return to Change Island for the evening to hear a local storyteller and listen to some Newfoundland singing accompanied by the national instrument of Newfoundland, the accordion!

Quidi Village, The Gut, St. Johns

Sunday, August 4

After breakfast catch the ferry to Fogo where we will stay for the evening. When we arrive we will be taken by a local fisherman by boat to an abadoned fishing village on the south shore. From here we will hike back through a remote area frequented by caribou. This evening we can find a local restaurant for supper with others in the group.


Monday, August 5

This morning we will board our ferry to Farewell and then a short trip to Gander. After lunch we will spend the last day together learning the history of this interesting town by a local historian.

We will learn first hand what happened here in September 2001. Wild Wales Tours will be buying dinner this evening and we can share what we have learnt and experienced during our time together.


Tuesday, August 6

After breakfast and saying our goodbyes we will transport you to the airport in Gander for your onward journey or return home.

A close encounter with a whale

  • Included are seven nights accommodation and breakfast.

  • All transportation including pick up and drop off at airports, drop off will be at Gander at the end of the trip.

  • Trip on a chartered boat to whale watch and bird watching.

  • All admissions to museums.

  • We buy three dinners.

  • Cost of all ferry rides.

  • All presentations, storytellers and musicians that play for us.

  • All Canada taxes are included in the prices, 15%GST( provincial and Canada taxes) and also an extra 4%HST (harmonized tax) added in the city of St Johns.

  • The cost of this trip will be $1975 per person double occupancy. There is a charge of $500 for 

  • a single supplement.

  • You will need to buy your flight to Newfoundland.

  • You buy four suppers and seven lunches and all drinks.

Fresh Seafood, Nicole's Cafe, Fogo Island


You will need to fly to St Johns, Newfoundland and our trip will end in Gander. We will all meet at the foyer of our hotel in downtown St Johns at 2p.m. on Tuesday, 30th July, 2019. You might want to arrive a day early.  As most of you know these days, it is very common to have a late or cancelled flight, or luggage that shows up late. Newfoundland is 2.5 hours ahead of Central Standard Time and 3.5 hours after Greenwich mean time.


If you can afford the time and an extra night’s lodging at a small hotel or an air BNB, you will not likely regret it. St Johns is a very colorful and  interesting city along with its residents.



We will email invoices which can be paid online with a credit card. A deposit of $658 per person ($1316 per couple) is required to secure your place, followed by a payment of $658 ($1316 per couple) January 30, 2019. The final payment of  $659 per person ($1318 per couple) is due on April 30, 2019. Single supplement $500.



  • You may cancel your Wild Wales Walkabout for a full refund, minus a $100 processing fee, if you do so more than 4 months prior to your scheduled tour  (March 30, 2019).

  • If you cancel fewer than 4 months before your scheduled tour, you will receive full refund, minus a $100 processing fee, ONLY if your slot can be filled!

  • If you cancel between 3 and 4 months (March 30 - April 30, 2019 ) prior to your scheduled tour, and your slot cannot be filled, you will receive a 50% refund.

  • If you cancel fewer than 3 months (April 30, 2019) prior to your scheduled tour, and your slot cannot be filled, no refund will be given.



Travel as light as possible. Bring one medium sized suitcase, and a carry-on or two.

The mini bus will have limited baggage space, and more small bags are easier to pack than one large bag.  We will be near the sea often and it will be breezy, so we need to dress accordingly. The normal temperatures in September is from 45F to 75F degrees. The tour is casual and there is no dress code. If necessary, we will be able to dry our clothes at our hotels. Laundry services will also be available for a fee. Do bring gloves and a hat as well as a swimsuit if you are up for a dip in the Irish Sea!


Suggested clothing for our Walkabouts: We suggest rainproof gear (not shower proof).

• A waterproof hooded raincoat and pants

• A good pair of waterproof hiking shoes

• Three pairs of wool hiking socks, medium thickness

• Wool hat and waterproof gloves

• Low or hiking gaiters

• Knapsack to carry your lunch and snacks

• I strongly suggest walking sticks as they are very useful for balancing coming downhill

• Head light

• Binoculars



In order to enjoy the walkabouts, you need to be able to walk between seven and eleven miles a day. We suggest that you prepare for the tour by walking between ten and twelve miles per week for three months prior to the trip. We all walk at a different pace, and you will have ample opportunity to walk in pairs, in groups, or alone.



Electricity runs on a different current system in Wales and England. You will need a converter for all U.S. appliances. They can be bought on-line or in airports. All hotels will have a hair dryer, an iron and ironing board.



We strongly recommend you buying a medical insurance plan during the time you will be hiking with us.



If you have an iPhone you can call your provider and make arrangements for your phone to work in Canada for a small fee. You will be able to call and receive calls from home, send emails and text approx. $30 for the month. It 

works very well, automatically taking place when your airplane touches down.


Hywel Taff Roberts the director of Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts will be leading the tour and we will be joined by storytellers, historians, entertainers and presenters along the way to highlight for you this amazing province with its rich history, language and culture.

We do cater to book clubs and family groups who would like to customize their trip to Newfoundland and the outer islands.

Reservations can be made by calling: 1-507-458-8637, or fill out our online form.


Hywel “Taff” Roberts

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