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Wild Wales Walkabouts
September 23 - 30, 2022
King Arthur's Way
There will be 8-10 people only on this tour, $2495 for a double occupancy.

The legends of King Arthur and Merlin, recorded by storytellers and bards over the generations, are very much alive in Wales! His enemies the Saxons would have called him Wealas (a foreigner) which is how the word “Welsh” originated.

Our hiking adventure begins when we meet you at the cafe at the railway station in Bangor, at 2p.m. on Friday, September 23. Our first three nights will be spent at Aberdaron on the tip of the Llyn Peninsular along the Welsh Coastal Path. On one of our days here a local fisherman will transport us to Bardsey Island, the island of 20,000 Saints. (weather permitting). On Monday, September 26 th we will travel to Beddgeleret at the base of Snowdon where we will stay for two nights. During our two-day stay here we will visit Castell Dinas Emrys which once was an ancient Iron Hill Fort, a Roman Fort and later in the 5th century a retreat for the legendary Celtic warrior Vortigern, who was claimed to have fled into Wales to escape the Ango-Saxons invaders. The legend claims that he employed Myrddin Emrys (Merlin Ambrosius) to help his cause. Merlin predicted that of the two dragons that lived in an underground pool under the fort, the red Welsh dragon would defeat the white dragon of the Saxons.

Our last two nights will be spent in Llangollen visiting historical sites with connection to the
legendary King Arthur! A visit to Bangor University to visit the largest collection of Arthurian books in the world.

King Arthurs Excalibur, Llanberis

Friday, September 23
We meet you in the café at Bangor Railway station at 2p.m. and be transported to our comfortable accommodation in Aberdaron. After settling in we can take a walk along the beach and eat at a local restaurant. Wild Wales Tours will be buying you supper this evening.

Saturday, September 24
After breakfast a walk to Porth Meudwy not far from Aberdaron and take the Enlli ferry across to Bardsey Island, weather permitting. This is a beautiful place, full of wildlife and steeped in history. This is the “Island of 20,000 Saints”, a nature reserve and destination for pilgrims for over a thousand years. We will be served tea and coffee on the island. Easy walking. Tonight you are free to go out and have supper at a pub in Aberdaron.


Sunday, September 25
This morning a hike to an Iron Age Fort, Tre Ceiri (Town of the Giants) or along the Welsh Coastal Path. Tonight we could head down the street to a tavern, and eat supper overlooking the bay from the deck or inside in the cozy pub.

Monday, September 26
After breakfast we will be traveling to a small scenic hamlet at the base of Mount Snowdon for two nights. Lots of opportunity to hike here as well as visiting a very prominent Arthurian historical site. Tonight we can all walk to a local pub for supper.

Tuesday, September 27
Many opportunities to hike in the park along the Glaslyn River or climb Mount Snowdon!

Wednesday, September 28
After breakfast we will travel to the library at Bangor University to the visit the largest collection of Arthurian books. This evening we will be staying at our comfortable hotel in Llangollen on the river Dee.

Thursday, September 29
After breakfast we will visit the Cistercian Abbey at Valle Crucis founded in 1201 by the Welsh Prince Madog ap Gruffydd. Valle Crucis refers to the nearby ninth-century Pillar of Eliseg which we will also visit in the afternoon! This evening “Wild Wales Tours” will be buying you supper!

Friday, September 30th
After breakfast and saying our good-byes we will transport you to Chester for your onward travels. From Chester you will be able to catch a train to London or Holyhead.

Llyn Peris


Travel as light as possible. Bring one medium sized suitcase, and a carry-on or two.

The mini bus will have limited baggage space, and more small bags are easier to pack than one large bag.  We will be near the sea often and it will be breezy, so we need to dress accordingly. The normal temperatures in September - October ranges from 50F to 75F degrees. The tour is casual and there is no dress code. If necessary, we will be able to dry our clothes at our hotels. Laundry services will also be available for a fee. Do bring gloves and a hat as well as a swimsuit if you are up for a dip in the Irish Sea!


Suggested clothing for our Walkabouts: We suggest rainproof gear (not shower proof).

• A waterproof hooded raincoat and pants

• A good pair of waterproof hiking shoes

• Three pairs of wool hiking socks, medium thickness

• Wool hat and waterproof gloves

• Low or hiking gaiters

• Knapsack to carry your lunch and snacks

• I strongly suggest walking sticks as they are very useful for balancing coming downhill

• Head light

• Binoculars



In order to enjoy the walkabouts, you need to be able to walk between seven and eleven miles a day. We suggest that you prepare for the tour by walking between ten and twelve miles per week for three months prior to the trip. We all walk at a different pace, and you will have ample opportunity to walk in pairs, in groups, or alone.

Most days we will be walking from 7-11 miles. Its really up to you how much you would like to hike. After breakfast we will set off for the day and after lunch we can arrange for you to return to the guest house or hotel to relax, on most days. This is your vacation and if you need to take a day off to walk around by yourself we can make it work for you. If some folks want to walk further than the eleven miles we can arrange that also.



Electricity runs on a different current system in Wales and England. You will need a converter for all U.S. appliances. They can be bought on-line or in airports. All hotels will have a hair dryer, an iron and ironing board.



We strongly recommend you buying a medical insurance plan during the time you will be hiking with us.



If you have an iPhone you can call your provider and make arrangements for your phone to work in the U.K. for a small fee. You will be able to call and receive calls from home, send emails and text approx. $30 for the month. It 

works very well, automatically taking place when your airplane touches down.


The cost of the eight days and seven nights includes accommodations, all transportation, visits to the museums, all breakfasts, two dinners, one lunch, presentations and tips.


You will be paying for five dinners, six lunches and any drinks.

Most of the time we can pick up sandwiches or have them freshly made at our guest house. Sometimes we stop in a pub for lunch.


The cost for the above is $2495, double occupancy. Please inquire about single supplements.


There are two ferry companies: Irish Ferries and Stena Lines. Please check schedules as times may change because of high tide. Irish Ferries is the only one that has the hover craft and makes the crossing in 1 hour and 40 minutes. The traditional boat takes 3.5 hours.


We suggest that you fly into Dublin, spend the night there, and catch the ferry the following morning from Dublin to Holyhead in Wales. Another option is to fly to Manchester England and catch a train or taxi to Holyhead. It is about two hours by taxi or about three by train from Manchester, Piccadilly.


“Wild Wales Walkabouts” is delighted to be offering this eight-day seven-night journey into the world of the legendary “King Arthur”! Our presenters and guides on the ground in North Wales are very excited to share their knowledge and passion with you on the tales of this illustrious warrior, whose legend is still very much alive in Wales!


Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Hywel Taff Roberts:


Hywel “Taff” Roberts

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