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The Red Kite and Other Birds

The Red Kite is the national bird of Wales and were almost on the verge of extinction in the mid twentieth century and were down to two pairs in the Tywi Valley in Mid Wales. Now the species is thriving and we will be able to see them on our Wild Wales bus tour and Walkabout this spring when we visit Wales.

The Curlew returns to Wales each spring time from their winter home in North Africa.

A wading bird with a long down curved bill that feeds on worms and crabs at low tide on mudflats. Their far carrying melodic cry KUrl-lee can be heard late into the night at low tide! We will certainly hear the when we will be staying along the seashore.

The European Goldfinch is a red faced small passerine bird in the finch family. Fondly called Nico by the Welsh, it breeds commonly in open country and woodland edge. The nest is built entirely by the female where she lays 4-6 eggs which are whitish with reddish brown speckles.

The Barn Owl is strictly nocturnal. This medium sized owl has rounded wings and a short tail and is often seen flying low over open land searching for small rodents primarily by sound only, and nests in abandoned barns and silos.

Pictures by Alun Williams courtesy of Lle Natur

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