Happy St. David's Day!

Tomorrow March 1, if you see someone walking around with a daffodil or a leek on their lapel wish them a happy St David’s Day! It happens once a year that all across the nation of Wales, and the planet the Welsh will be celebrating with festivals, dancing and singing! A national parade in the capital Cardiff and the Welsh Army Regiments around the globe will celebrate their patron saint by traditionally feasting on raw leeks! According to the legend, David advised his countrymen to wear leeks in their caps and on their lapel’s to distinguish them from the Saxon invaders on the eve of a large battle. Happy St Davids to you All! Image daffodils, Gareth Lloyd Roberts, Newly unveiled mural of

Volcanic Blue Hone Rock

The only location in the world still mining the volcanic blue hone rock that produces curling stones is at the Trefor Quarry, above the village of Llanaelhaeran overlooking Caernarfon Bay, on the Lleyn Peninsular in North Wales. Above the remote village is a range of three tall peaks, Tre Ceiri is the tallest in the Eifil range, and the best example of a Neolithic hill fort in the whole of Europe. Garn For is the smallest peak and is the source of the stones. Lower down the steep hillside overlooking the sea below is Nant Y Gwytheyrn, a residential Welsh language school that offers intensive residential courses throughout the year to adults from around the world. September 2017 hiking in th

King Arthur Walkabout

The legends of King Arthur and Merlin, recorded by storytellers and bards over the generations, are very much alive in Wales! His enemies the Saxons would have called him Wealas (a foreigner) which is how the word “Welsh” originated. “Wild Wales Walkabouts” is delighted to be offering an eight-day seven-night journey into the world of the legendary “King Arthur”! Our presenters and guides on the ground in North Wales are very excited to share their knowledge and passion with you on the tales of this illustrious warrior, whose legend is still very much alive in Wales! wildwalestours.com Images by Gareth Lloyd Roberts, dragon Blake Darst Wenonah Creates

Spring in Wales

Spring is beginning to appear in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Last week traveling around the Isle of Angelsey we saw many young lambs springing around in the pastures, a definite harbinger of spring! Lake Idwal in the park on a clear night is named after Prince Idwal Foel, a grandson of Rhodri Mawr one of the ancient kings of Wales. Idwal Foel died in battle against the Saxons in 942 A.D. There are legends of King Arthur from the mid sixth century associated with this very special lake. Images by Gareth Lloyd Roberts.

King Arthurs Way Walkabout

Last night our Wild Wales Walkabout crew ended our seven days work on the “King Arthurs Way” walkabout in the mountain village of Llanberis up in the highlands of the Snowdonia National Park. We travelled all around the park as far south as Aberystwyth researching on Arthur and Merlins haunts. Many presenters along the way will share local tales of King Arthur and Merlin and we will end the tour with a presentation at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. The snow clad iconic peak of Cader Idris high above the medieval market town of Dolgellau on Sunday. Monday the highest mountain top in Wales and England, Mount Snowdon in Llanberis. A family farm above the Mawddach Estuary in Artho

Dinas Emrys

Dinas Emrys is a wooded hillock near the scenic hamlet of Beddgeleret in the middle of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. This site high above the river Glasfryn was an Iron Age Fort before the Celtic King Vortigen choose this spot for his castle in the sixth century after the Roman exit. Vortigen, employed a young boy by the name of Myrddin Emrys (Merlin) to help him rid of the Saxon white dragon that was attacking the Welsh Dragon of Wales. During our Wildwales Walkabout starting on October 3, 2018 we will be staying next to Dinas Emrys for three nights. Image of hillside by Martin Davies.

Spring in Wales

While traveling around North Wales this past weekend we visited the remains of Saint Dwynwens Church on Llanddwyn Island off the West coast of Angelsey. Dwynwen is the Patron saint of lovers here in Wales and January 25 is celebrated here, the equivalent of our St Valentines Day. On a hilltop in the Snowdonia National Park above Bala Lake, Caer Cai a Roman Fort was noted as being a hideout for King Arthur and his men in the 6th century after the Romans went home in the fifth century. On top of the fort a farmhouse was built that was burnt down by Oliver Cromwell in 1642 and rebuilt in 1647. We visited the twelve bedroom farmhouse built from solid granite. A harbinger of spring, daffodils on

King Arthur's Way Walkabout

On our special “King Arthurs Way Walkabout” that starts on the Isle of Angelsey on October 3, 2018 we will be visiting Bryn Celli Du, a Neolithic burial chamber(3000 B.C.), one of the most evocative sites in Europe. Visits also to a Celtic/Roman settlement at Din Lligwy. In the Snowdonia National Park in the foothills of Mount Snowdon we will hike the legendary trail of Dinas Emrys in the search for King Arthur and Merlins haunts. Today our team are setting off to visit Caer Gai an early Roman Fort surrounded by three steep slopes above the hamlet of Llanuwchllyn. After the Romans went home around 410A.D. King Arthur and his men took over the fort in the 5th century.The last day of our Walka

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Cader Idris Sunrise

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