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King Arthur's Way Walkabout

On our special “King Arthurs Way Walkabout” that starts on the Isle of Angelsey on October 3, 2018 we will be visiting Bryn Celli Du, a Neolithic burial chamber(3000 B.C.), one of the most evocative sites in Europe. Visits also to a Celtic/Roman settlement at Din Lligwy. In the Snowdonia National Park in the foothills of Mount Snowdon we will hike the legendary trail of Dinas Emrys in the search for King Arthur and Merlins haunts. Today our team are setting off to visit Caer Gai an early Roman Fort surrounded by three steep slopes above the hamlet of Llanuwchllyn. After the Romans went home around 410A.D. King Arthur and his men took over the fort in the 5th century.The last day of our Walkabout will take us to the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth where we will be given a talk by an expert on King Arthur. This eight day Walkabout will be for 10 people for eight days and you decide how much walking you want to do. Details will be on our webpage at on Wednesday, February 21.

Images by Martin Davies and Blake Darst, Wenonah Creates.

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