Aberdaron on the Lleyn peninsular in North Wales has been the destination for spiritual pilgrims and saints for over 1600 years. Here they left the mainland in small boats for the crossing over to Bardsey Island where they would prepare for their final trip to the next life. It is said that there are 20,000 saints buried on the island. Saint Hywyn’s church overlooks the sea where there has been Christian worship since the sixth century. When we visit on our Wild Wales Tour in October we will visit the church and the two water worn inscribed tombstones that were found nearby dating back to the fifth century.

Talk at the Winona County Historical Society

During his talk at the Winona County Historical Society on Tuesday, August 8th, Taff will cover developments in Wales, his home country for the past two thousand years. From the Roman occupation, the age of the Saints, the Saxon onslaught, Viking intrusions and pilfering, and the vicious Norman effort to conquer the Welsh nation. The royal heavyweight HenryV111 was the responsible for the removal of the roofs at the great Tintern Abbey in 1536. Henry 1V also known as Henry Bolingbroke was responsible for vandalizing the monastery at Strata Florida (gothic arch) in 1402. The history of both of these Cistercian Abbeys will be discussed and are included on our Wild Wales bus tour this October.

Conwy Castle

Conwy’s castle and town walls were a medieval defensive attempt by the Norman aggressor Edward 1 (Longshank) in 1287 to subjugate the Welsh Nation to English rule. The suspension bridge crossing the Conwy river was built by the godfather of 19th century civil engineering, Thomas Telford in 1822-1826. A medieval dry stone wall under Tyrrau Mawr a subsidiary summit of the iconic peak Cadair Idris (the chair of Idris) in the Snowdonia National Park, the largest National Park in the United Kingdom. Images by Anne Scott Plummer.

Nature in Snowdonia

This past May on our Wild Wales Walkabout in the Snowdonia National Park, we had a guest, a nurse who practiced herbal medicine. We had a herbalist along that could help identify the plants. One of our travelers enjoyed walking along the lonely beaches picking up small stones as souvenirs. A couple were interested in seeing new birds. Next May we will have an aspiring young writer of Victorian novels that would like to experience a ghost. We will do our upmost to accommodate her!! Our Walkabouts of 8-10 people are intimate, personable and memorable. We have a six day Walkabout this September 24-30, and we do have room for four more! Pictures of some birds, Red Kites, Chough, Grey Wagtail, P

The National Assembly of Wales

The Senedd (National Assembly of Wales), overlooking Cardiff Bay is a progressive, democratic, enviromentrally sustainable building, with walls built of glass for transparency in government!. Traditional slate and Welsh oak contribute to a dynamic structure where Wales can create its own policies. Inside this impressive building you will learn much about how the nation of Wales is moving ahead to make its own laws. This creative public building is the symbol of the new nation that Wales has become. Here is Welsh democracy and devolution in action. Our Wild Wales Tour in October will be visiting, and we still have two more seats available on the bus.

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Cader Idris Sunrise

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