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Nature in Snowdonia

This past May on our Wild Wales Walkabout in the Snowdonia National Park, we had a guest, a nurse who practiced herbal medicine. We had a herbalist along that could help identify the plants. One of our travelers enjoyed walking along the lonely beaches picking up small stones as souvenirs. A couple were interested in seeing new birds. Next May we will have an aspiring young writer of Victorian novels that would like to experience a ghost. We will do our upmost to accommodate her!!

Our Walkabouts of 8-10 people are intimate, personable and memorable.

We have a six day Walkabout this September 24-30, and we do have room for four more! Pictures of some birds, Red Kites, Chough, Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail and a fox we saw in May. Image by Llen Natur.

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