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The Roman Fortress, Caerleon

Our first stop yesterday morning was at Caerleon, (Isca) one of the largest and most preserved legionary Roman Fotress site in the whole of Europe established in A.D.75. A bright sunny day with a blue sky and when we arrived we were alone but shortly a busload or Roman Warriors appeared and marched into the great amphitheater with determination and gusto. A school outing experiencing history! After lunch we headed out to the great abbey at Tintern built in 1131. The monks coexisted with the land and nature for 400 years. In 1536 Henry VIII enacted the dissolution of the monasteries that ended monastic life in the Isles. Group picture of our Wild Wales Tour group after our last dinner together at the Marriot Hotel in Cardiff last night. Images by Blake Darst, Wenonah Creates.

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