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The Marine Hotel, Archaeology, and Tea

Last night we stayed at the Marine Hotel in the seacoast town of Aberystwyth on Cardigan Bay in Mid Wales. After breakfast we drove to Strata Florida a Cistercian Abbey built in 1160.

Our presenter here was David Austin a Professor of Archaeology and the director the Strata Florida Project just a few miles east of Pont Rhydfendigaid. With the help of Ground Penetrating Radar they have discovered a celtic church under the Abbey. According to Professor Austin this might make this location the most important historic site in the whole of Europe.

Stopped at Cenarth Falls for some home made Bara Brith and tea this afternoon on our way to our hotel in Tenby. At the Plantagenet Restaurant this evening, part of the building being 10th century we were served delicious white bait.

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