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R. S. Thomas

In October on our Wild Wales bus Tour we will be given a presentation on the poet and vicar R.S.Thomas (1913-2000)at St Hywyns Church in the seacoast hamlet of Aberdaron. Here at the church is where he administered his last service.

Image by Llen Natur.

The Gap in the Hedge. That man. Prytherch, with the torn cap. I saw him often, framed in the gap Between two hazels with his sharp eyes. Bright as thorns, watching the sunrise Filling the valley with its pale yellow Light, where the sheep and the lambs were haloed With grey mist lifting from the dew. Or was it a likeness that the twigs drew With bold pencilling upon the bare Piece of the sky? For he is still there At early morning, when the light is right And I look up suddenly at a bird’s flight. R.S.Thomas

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