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Tomen y Mur

Tomen y Mur was built just after AD43 when the Romans invaded Britain. The fort was established to control the movement of the Brythonic tribes through the Snowdonia mountains.

Here at this forlorn, isolated and windswept mountaintop are the remains of the amphitheater, baths and housing for around 400-500 soldiers.

Medieval Mabinogion legends tell us that later after the Romans departed that here is where Lleu Llaw Gyffes overcame terrible curses and the treachery of his wife Bloduwedd who was created magically from flowers to become the king of Gwynedd. Later the Norman king William II built a moat and castle here in response to a Welsh uprising. During the 1700s the stone work was reused again to build a farmhouse and outbuildings.

Our evening fireside at our Wales, Downton Abbey spot and the Welsh Rarebit was a huge hit during our visit to Porthmadog!

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